Ecomobile Auto Spa Steam Car Wash Vehicle

The Ecomobile Auto Spa waterless car wash vehicle comes to you!

The Ecomobile Auto Spa Steam car wash vehicle comes to you!

Ecomobile Auto Spa has just acquired a new mobile car wash vehicle. The new minivan is fully equipped with everything we need to wash and detail your car, minivan, SUV, or truck – at your location. We come to you! All car wash services are 100% waterless. Ecomobile Auto Spa is the environmentally friendly choice.  Contact us today to make an appointment.

12 Responses to “Ecomobile Auto Spa Steam Car Wash Vehicle”

  • Evan:

    I had Eco-mobile auto spa clean my car and they did an exceptional job. My car looks brand new. I used the platimum package and for the price you pay no one can compete.
    They spent roughly 3 hours cleaning my car and left it looking like new.
    Definitly recommended.

  • Downtown T.O.:

    These guys did a great job on my Audi while it was parked in my condo garage while I was at work. I’ve never really thought about having it done in my parking spot but really does make sense. Usually when you think about getting your cash washed the first nice weekend of the spring, the lineups at the drive-through and hand wash places are crazy. This way, you just come home to a clean car.

    Polish looks great and is generally much cleaner than you’d get from a drive through wash.

  • I don’t know what i would have done without you guys! I had an appointment with my client and had to use my car which was so dirty – these guys came over exactly on time for my client engagement and saved the day!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know anyone in this business who would guarantee such great service and timeliness – thanks so much!!!

  • I m in the car dealing business and own a Bentley. My car looks like i Just bought it – thanks a million!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am super busy at work – no time for anything. So glad i can rely on a service that comes right to you. At these prices, you are getting a great deal for professional service and quality. Superb!

  • I have a lamborgini and expect top notch service. I got nothing but that! The wax they used made me see my own reflection – wow!!!!

  • My wife is nine months pregnant and highly sensitive to any type of chemical smells. Once complete, my wife could tell that the car was superbly clean but could not detect any chemical odours – that was awesome!! Highly recommended for those with highly sensitive smell detectors – like my wife!

  • The car detailing was supberb! Friendly service and best of all, the products were eco-friendly and smell awesome. Had I taken my car to a car wash service i would have wasted both time and money. These guys come right to where you are…. unbelievable!

  • Truly unbelievable both in terms of customer care and service! My car has never been the same. I highly recommend this service – the staff was super nice and easy to deal with.

  • My kid had the dirtiest baby car seat – unbelievable!!! The seat looked brand new. I am a true believer of ecomobileautospa!!

  • johnhaward:

    The service was impeccible – top notch detailing. My car looked brand new. Great cruising for chicks!! Highly recommended. No sweat off my back in terms of maintenance cuz these guys come to wherever I am located! How convenient.

  • samanta jay:

    I am very meticulous about professional service – and for my Porche and BMW I can swear that the service was truly exceptional. I felt like I was bringing home a brand new car again. The cost was reasonable for the quality I received – there is no other convenient method I know for superb service for a busy professional like myself who has no time to take care of my car. Highly recommended for any high end car owner with a hectic lifestyle – convenient! The customer care was a huge plus as well.

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