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Spa waterless car wash - The environmentally friendly car wash choice.

The Ecomobile Auto Spa Steam Cleaning System


Only Full Interior Dry Steam Cleaning  .

Incredible surface shine
Quickly and easily remove dirt, stains, and grease
Clean hard to reach nooks, and crannies
Deodorize and sterilize surfaces without using any chemicals.
Kill bacteria, dust mites and molds.
Air duct cleaning

    SILVER Auto Spa

    • First, we use a powerful multi cleaner to remove stubborn heavy dirt – including road grime, bugs, tar, sap, and bird droppings.
    • We then wash the entire exterior of your car using an advanced washing agent. A blend of detergents, waxes, and macro polymers lifts dirt away from the surface of the paint allowing it to be safely removed with a micro fiber towel. Left behind is a protective layer of macro polymers and waxes that give your car clean lasting shine. The whole process is 100% scratch-less.
    • We then clean and shine your tires and rims using a specialized petroleum-free cleaner

    Exterior steam wash + full vacuum, complete windows, dashboard, console & doors

    • Exterior Steam Wash +
    • We vacuum your full interior.
    • We do a complete cleaning of your seats, dashboard, console & doors& Steam clinging Mats.
    • We clean and polish all your windows inside and out

    GOLD Auto Spa

    SILVER wash + carnauba wax applied for shine & protection

    • Full SILVER Auto Spa +
    • We apply carnauba wax to your exterior paint that providing a long lasting, protective, detergent resistant coating and slick, brilliant shine.

    PLATINUM Auto Spa

    GOLD wash + steam clean carpets & mats

    • Full GOLD Auto Spa +
    • We do a complete steam clean of your carpets & mats.
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